"High points include Stephen Blackmoore’s cleverly conceived and darkly funny zombie story, “World’s Greatest Dad”; the pretentiously vindictive restaurant critic of Mark Hull’s “Friday Night Dining with Marianne”; the optimistically charming earthbound alien in Paula L. Fleming’s “Treats, Tricks, and Terror in Tin Lake”; and Frasier’s own “The Replacement,” a punchy reanimation tale."

Publishers Weekly

"If  you're ready to get into the Haloween mood by reading, Deadly Treats is the anthology for you. A nifty paperback." 

Pioneer Press

"Deadly Treats was delightfully fun from cover to cover. Oh sure, as with any such anthology, there are stronger voices than others, but as a whole this gathering of Halloween tales offers a fantastic mix of edge of your seats chills and tongue firmly in cheek howlers.

Notable stories within include “The Replacement” by the editor herself, Stephen Blackmoore’s “World’s Greatest Dad”, “Slurp!” by J.K. Rigel, and, perhaps my favorite of the lot — David Housewright’s “Time of Death”.

All in all, Deadly Treats is an anthology that delivers and is a perfect companion for those long and lonely nights when the air turns chill and you bury yourself in a blanket on the couch, book in hand."

Occult Detective

Roseville Review

 "Including veteran and debut writers of suspense and horror, this is a pleasant choice for Halloween aficionados and an optional addition to library collections."

Library Journal

"A fine new anthology published by Minneapolis’s Nodin Press. One of my favorites is “Girls from the North Country,” by Theresa Weir (Frasier’s real name), about a loner who retires to the north woods to live the life of a hermit." 

River Falls Journal

Charming reviews of all 21 stories:

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