Have I Missed An Elise Sandburg Book?

Some people worry they’ve missed a book in the Elise Sandburg series because the second book, Stay Dead, begins after a traumatic event in Elise’s life.

There are two reasons for the jump:

  1.  Stay Dead was written eleven years after Play Dead. Technology—phones, music, social media, internet—changed drastically in that period of time. It was a challenge to bring Stay Dead into the present decade without it being too jarring for the reader. Rather than write a second book that didn’t take place in what could be considered present day, I chose to skip a couple of years in order to move the narrative closer to the technology of today.
  2. The Tremain incident felt too horrible to put on the page as it unfolded, but I’ll most likely revisit the event once Elise is finally able to face the atrocities that took place.

You haven’t missed anything. There is no book between Play Dead and Stay Dead. Thanks for looking for that mysterious book that hasn’t been written, and thanks for reading!


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