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 People have been asking about upcoming books, etc., so here’s  the scoop:

June 2016: The Body Reader, new crime fiction set in Minneapolis, Minnesota

2017: Elise Sandburg, book four

I want to thank everybody for their continued support of the Elise Sandburg series. The popularity seems to increase with each new book, which thrills me because whenever anyone asks me to name my favorite book child, it’s hands down the Sandburg series.

The series had an odd beginning

Play Dead was originally written over ten years ago as a stand-alone title for Penguin Putnam. My editor at Penguin loathed it. It made her extremely angry. She called David Gould “despicable, with no redeeming qualities”. I’ll never forget those words. I was told that if I did not drastically change his character they would pull all backing for the book and might not sign me for any future work—and future work would not get in-house support (this makes or breaks a traditionally published book). Normally I do what I’m “asked” because basically I work for the publishing house.

Now, I cherish a good editor. A good editor can take a book to another level.  But I loved the David Gould character, and I refused to change him, and all backing was pulled. As threats continued, I held my ground under what I now consider extreme abuse of the creative spirit.  I’ll never regret standing up for my work even though that decision set back my crime fiction career, and Anne Frasier disappeared for several years.

Flash forward: The Amazon imprint Thomas & Mercer reissued Play Dead and a series was born.  And I’m able to write what I want to write.  I’ve never had anyone at T&M try to tell me what to write or how to write it.

The Minneapolis book is finished and, because of reader response to Pretty Dead,  I’m back with Elise and David. It feels good.

2 Responses to “In the Works”

  1. Bob Johnson

    LOVE the the book (Just discovered Elise Sandburg!) I enjoy seeing the characters in my mind, like a movie, but I’m having a difficult time “seeing” Elise… Did I miss a physical description of her in the book? Granted, I only on Ch. 17, but grappling to visualize her. Thanks for any help!

    • Anne Frasier

      Hi Bob! Glad you’re enjoying the series! It’s been a long time since I wrote the first book so I can’t say where the first description falls. I know Elise is in her thirties and has straight, shoulder-length dark hair. 😀 Hope that helps!

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