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Five Things I Learned Writing The Body Reader 


I actually learned this before writing The Body Reader, but bear with me because it does come into play again. Over the past thirty years I’ve written in almost every genre out there. One of the only ones missing from my résumé was science fiction, so when I received an exclusive invite to be part of a new mind-blowing enterprise for post-apocalyptic fiction, I jumped at the chance to dilute my brand even more.  Read more…

Root Doctors and Savannah

Turn on the news and there’s another story about somebody waking up in an autopsy suite just as the Y incision begins. That was the trigger for Play Dead.

The David Gould character bounced around in my head for years. I liked the idea of someone dealing with life and death issues on the job while personally trying to keep from falling apart. A character whose reckless malaise hides a tragic past. This book seemed a good place to finally put him. His partner, Homicide Detective Elise Sandburg, came about in a totally different way. She’s an example of how research sometimes drives the plot, and how it can even help develop characters. I had a vague idea of who she was, but it wasn’t until I started doing in-depth research that she solidified and I came up with the plan to make her the daughter of a famous root doctor. From the beginning I knew she’d been abandoned in a cemetery as an infant, but everything else about her came from researching Gullah culture.  Riding With the Top Down ~   Read more…


Some Things Refuse to Stay Dead

After being kidnapped and tortured, homicide detective Elise Sandburg retreats to her aunt’s Georgia plantation to recover from her ordeal only to find herself pulled back into the darkness she thought she’d left behind.

That’s the haunting premise behind Stay Dead, the latest Anne Frasier suspense novel, and the sequel to the successful, Play Dead, featuring Sandburg and her partner, David Gould. The Big ThrillRead more…