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Just a quick note to let you know that FIND ME comes out July 1. But did you know it’s currently free to members of Amazon Prime Reading?  Prime readers also have the option to purchase at a discount. Not a member of Prime Reading? Consider pre-ordering your copy!


A bone-chilling family history is unearthed in a heart-stopping thriller by New York Times bestselling author Anne Frasier.

Convicted serial killer Benjamin Fisher has finally offered to lead San Bernardino detective Daniel Ellis to the isolated graves of his victims. One catch: he’ll only do it if FBI profiler Reni Fisher, his estranged daughter, accompanies them. As hard as it is to exhume her traumatic childhood, Reni can’t say no. She still feels complicit in her father’s crimes.

Perfect to play a lost little girl, Reni was the bait to lure unsuspecting women to their deaths. It’s time for closure. For her. For the families. And for Daniel. He shares Reni’s obsession with the past. Ever since he was a boy, he’s been convinced that his mother was one of Fisher’s victims.

Thirty years of bad memories are flooding back. A master manipulator has gained their trust. For Reni and Daniel, this isn’t the end of a nightmare. It’s only the beginning.

From Anne’s editor: We all have family secrets. A relative who jumped ship rather than go to war. A family heirloom won in an illegal poker game. A secret relationship with a forbidden love. But in Anne Frasier’s Find Me, Reni Fisher has a much darker family secret: her father is the notorious Inland Empire Killer…and he used her as bait to lure his victims to their deaths.

Reni was only a child during the incidents, but she still carries the guilt. If only she could have stopped him or helped the victims. If only she could provide those families with closure now. But her father has never revealed the locations of all the bodies—not even when Reni herself worked as an FBI profiler.

Detective Daniel Ellis has made the Inland Empire Killer his life’s work—his own family secret the motivation for his investigation. Now the killer has promised to show Daniel where all the bodies are buried…under one condition: Reni must come with them.

Family secrets have been the pillars of much of Anne Frasier’s fiction. In fact, a dark and horrible secret was at the center of her 2017 Thriller Award–winning novel, The Body Reader. But Anne has upped the ante here, delving not only into the dark corners of secrets but also how these secrets affect those who live with them.

What family secrets are you hiding from?

– Jessica Tribble Wells, Editor 

Thanks so much for your continued support. I hope you enjoy the new book, and, as always, please consider leaving an Amazon review! 

~ Anne 


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  1. Diane McMurray

    I just finished this book! 5 star all the way. I left a review that Ihope inspires others to read FIND ME and to find the same enjoyment that I did. Well done! Thank you!! Now looking to read another one of yours.

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