Truly Dead is Almost Done

The  third draft of Truly Dead (Sandburg 4) is done.

One more pass and it will be off to the publishing house. Tentative pub date is May 2017. I’ve written this as if could very well be the last Dead book. The series could continue, but it would be a good place to end if I decide to do so. I’m a slow writer and if I turn The Body Reader into a series and try to write both Sandburg and Body Reader…well, it would mean a new book per series every two years. I don’t think readers would be at all happy about that and might even drop them both. So I really need to make a decision between the two. Hate to tell David and Elise goodbye, because they’re my favorite characters in a favorite setting, but response to The Body Reader has been kinda off the charts. A good problem to have! Maybe I should conduct a poll. It’s not as if sales of the Sandburg books are shabby. Both Play Dead and Stay Dead have sold over 100,000 copies. I’m so grateful for that. Below are two lovely gifts from my publishing house commemorating the milestone.  Those are the actual books inside a shadowbox!


20 Responses to “Truly Dead is Almost Done”

  1. Stephanie

    I loved the characters in the Elise Sandbugh series and I adore Jude Fontaine and Mary Cantrell. Thank you for these complex characters.

  2. Kim

    Powerful, lovable characters survive a long wait between books. Plus it gives the reader the chance to read the new book’s predecessors all over again to refresh their memory. Good books should never just be read only once. I really hope both series continue.

  3. mary ann weiss

    Love, love, love David and Elise. Please don’t make Truly Dead the last book!

  4. Kathleen Wilczynski

    I agree with Mary Ann. I love David and Eilize. I just found this series and read all three within a week. Please reconsider!!!!!

  5. Shawn

    Loved The Body Reader! Jude is such a wonderfully rich character/heroine who has many cases yet to solve with the help of her partner Uriah. I happened on this site while I was searching for a possible Body Reader series. I’m hoping you are able to do both!

  6. Beth Knight

    I really enjoy the Sandburg Series. Can’t wait for the next book! DON’T LET IT BE THE LAST ONE!!

  7. Vanessa

    I would pretty much wait forever for either one, but I really liked Jude Fontaine and would love more stories about her. I don’t mind rereading a gazillion times tho while waiting for the next in whatever you choose.

    Look at it this way, devoted fans waited 30 years for Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series to finish and I suspect your following would wait twice that. I have been following your books since The Forever Man and I am not planning on going anywhere.

    Thank you for continuing to write. I really enjoy all of your books.

  8. Luc

    Love your books! Thank you for crafting such compelling characters. Looking forward to another Sandburg novel and happy to wait for another Fontaine story.

  9. Gloria

    I would love it if you chose to continue both Elise and David, and Jude Fontaine. I read every book in a day!
    Your an amazing writer and whatever you decide, I am so looking forward to reading what comes next.

  10. Mary Knewtson

    Pretty please, DO keep both series going! I am patient…..but let’s meet in the middle…..I will work on my patience and you work on your writing speed! It’s not often I find an author I enjoy reading as much as I have you. Thank you and keep ’em coming!!

  11. Sandy DeSandre

    My vote is for both series to continue! I love Elise and David and don’t want to say goodbye to them anytime soon. But I love Jude and Uriah too! Nobody does it better than you, Anne. Keep doing what you do. If we have to wait…we will wait, but don’t give up either ship!!

  12. Anne Frasier

    Thanks so much for all of the great feedback! I very much appreciate it!

  13. Mary Quigg

    The Elise Sandburg Series is actually the first I’ve read of your work, and I devoured it. I got brought to this page looking for more books of yours! I can’t wait to read Truly Dead, and would have no problem being patient for more. I love the series so much. I really hope you continue. Now I’m off to start The Body Reader!

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