Truly Dead, the fourth book in the Elise Sandburg series, is now available!

About the new release:
In award-winning author Anne Frasier’s riveting thriller Truly Dead, homicide detective Elise Sandburg returns to Savannah with her partner, profiler David Gould, to track a killer who seems eerily familiar.

When a demolition crew uncovers several bodies inside the walls of a house where serial killer Frank J. Remy once lived, the discovery sends shock waves through the Savannah Police Department. All of the bodies were hidden before Remy’s imprisonment and subsequent death thirty-six years earlier—except for one belonging to a missing child.

Homicide partners Elise Sandburg and David Gould were the Savannah PD’s dream team, solving uncrackable crimes and catching killers. But their last case resulted in their termination from the squad, until the coroner calls them back to consult, unofficially, on a body found in the wall of a house once occupied by Remy, a killer Elise’s own father sent to jail—a killer who died in prison. The MO seems uncomfortably similar to that of a serial killer wreaking havoc in Florida.

Does Elise have a copycat on her hands? Is Remy’s influence reaching from beyond the grave? Or is Elise making connections where there are none? When her father warns her to back off the case, Elise’s shadowy family history threatens to swallow her once again. But whatever force is at work, she won’t rest until the killing stops.

Now at odds with everyone she cares about and forced to acknowledge her worsening emotional state, Elise struggles to protect the people she loves as the body count rises.

In other news, The Body Reader has been nominated for the Thriller Award for best paperback original by International Thriller Writers. Winner to be announced in July. And The Body Reader has been optioned for a TV series! That doesn’t mean it’s going to happen. It just means a director is interested, has written a pilot script, and hopes to sell the series to TV.

A lot of people have asked if there will be another Body Reader book. Yes. I’m working on it right now. I’m a slow writer, so it probably won’t be out for about a year. That’s pretty much my speed. A book a year.

So anyway, I hope you enjoy Truly Dead. I love writing about Elise, David, Strata Luna, Jackson Sweet, and John Casper.  If you’re a Body Reader fan and are reluctant to step into the Elise Sandburg world, consider giving it a shot.  The books have been tricky to market because they might appear to be paranormal, but they are really police procedurals, just like The Body Reader.

As always, thanks for reading!


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