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Before I Wake

Caught between dreams and reality… A madman murdered her family, leaving her a shadow of the woman she once was. So one-time criminal profiler Arden Davis did the only thing she could: She volunteered for an experiment to wipe out the horrific memories that haunted her every waking moment. But the experiment wasn’t quite the success they predicted—and now Arden is left sifting through random memories, trying to distinguish dreams from reality. Then one night, Special Agent Nathan Fury shows up on her doorstep with an urgent appeal for help. She awakes to a living nightmare… The murderer, it turns out, is still on the streets. This time, Arden will risk everything—even her own sanity—to lure the killer out of hiding. Even if it means the killer is closer than she thought. Even if she herself becomes the number-one suspect…


"Anne Frasier's latest novel...once again demonstrates her mastery of atmospheric suspense...  During the incredible finale, which takes place on Arden's family farm during a blizzard, you just may want to bundle up. Arden Davis is a thoroughly engaging character."

—CrimeSpree Magazine

"An original, highly suspenseful, ingeniously crafted tale that dares to question reality. … Frasier has filled this clever plot with daring twists, realistic characters, and a chilling narrative that thrills with each page."

—New Mystery Reader Magazine

"Words like "thrilling" "riveting" and  "intense" are often bandied about when describing Anne Frasier's writing, and for good reason. That is exactly what she delivers."

—Romance Reviews Today

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