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The Body Keeper (Book 3)

Coming June 4, 2019

The third and final book in the Jude Fontaine Mystery Series


Compelling and frightening, emotional and horrifying, with twist after stunning twist.

A boy’s frozen body is found trapped in the ice of a Minneapolis lake. The horrifying discovery leads Detective Jude Fontaine and her partner Uriah Ashby to more bodies in the ice, all of twelve-year-old boys, missing for twenty years.

Then, in one of the worst blizzards the city has ever seen, a four-year-old is abandoned on Jude’s doorstep. The child can’t tell them where he’s from, who his parents are, or how he got there. He doesn’t even know his name.

But in his unspoken language, Jude reads something horrifying… a connection to the dead boys. Now a  four-year-old with no name may be the only key to a twenty-year-old very cold case.