Book Group Discussion Questions


How does Jude differ from traditional female detectives?

Did the difference make Jude more appealing to you?

In later books, we learn a little of why Jude was allowed to return to work so quickly. Should she have returned at all?

What would Jude be like today if she’d never been kidnapped?

Jude’s captivity changed her. Did it make her a better cop? If so, how and why?

Despite what some might see as a betrayal by Uriah partway through the story, is Uriah a good homicide partner for Jude? Why or why not?

Do you think Jude will ever be able to have a normal life?

Do you want Jude to have a normal life?

Have you ever been to Minnesota? If not, did the book expand your knowledge of the state beyond being the birthplace of Bob Dylan and Prince?

Would you like to visit Minneapolis after reading the book?

What was the most heart-pounding part of the book for you?

What was your favorite scene?

What was the most surprising part of The Body Readerfor you?

A touch of humor can be a welcome break in a dark story. Did you ever laugh?

Could something like this occur today?

The story can be emotional. Did you react in an emotional way to events in Jude’s life?

Did you empathize with Jude or Uriah? If so, with whom and why?

Did you find the suspense compelling? If so, what elements of it were particularly compelling for you?

What qualities of Jude do you wish you had and why?

If the series is developed for television, who should play Jude and Uriah?

The author has written books in various genres, including two critically acclaimed memoirs. She feels memoir writing taught her to dig deeper into characters. Can the experience of writing nonfiction help when writing fiction?  If so, how?

The Jude Fontaine series will contain three books once the last book is published in 2019. Would you like to read more in the series, or do you feel one is enough?

If you’ve read other books by Anne Frasier, how does the Jude Fontaine series (The Body Reader,The Body Counter, The Body Keeper) compare to the Elise Sandburg series (Play Dead, Stay Dead, Pretty Dead, Truly Dead)?